Frequently Asked Questions

Shed 1, 208 North St, North Toowoomba – view map on contact page

8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

We take cash, cheque, credit card (Visa, Mastercard), debit card and direct bank deposit.

We certainly do! Feel free to call our office on (07) 4632 3433, or complete our Get A Quote (at right).

Yes! We are happy to come to your property and measure it up for you. Feel free to call our office on (07) 4632 3433 to arrange a date and time.

While we service all brands, we recommend and primarily use B&D Doors and ATA Motors. We also sell and service Mirage, Steeline and Gliderol doors as well as FAAC, Merlin & Grifco motors.

Please contact our office on (07) 4632 3433 with your spare parts requirements.

Though we’re based in Toowoomba, we travel all over the Darling Downs / Lockyer Valley region. We also go as far west as Charleville & Roma, as far south as Stanthorpe and as far north as Kingaroy.

It is recommended that they be serviced annually by a trained service technician. Doors, gates and motors in high usage environments may benefit from quarterly services. A lack of maintenance can place stress on the door and motor, and may cause expensive issues in the future. If you would like to book a service, complete our Request A Service Call (at right) or phone our office on 07 4632 3433.

Keep the tracks free of dirt, grease and possible corrosion by cleaning them regularly. A silicon-based spray can be used on the tracks to assist smooth running. Do not use a grease or oil-based lubricant as this may damage your door. For sectional doors, a lubricant spray can be used on the wheels and hinges quarterly to keep them running quietly and smoothly.

A roller door rolls up around a circular drum and the roll sits above the door opening. A sectional door is made up of panels, usually a minimum of 4, which lay parallel to the ceiling when open.

As long as your door is in good working condition and operates relatively smoothly. In most cases we can, but it does depend on the current condition of your door.

The B&D Flex-A-Door is the perfect door for this type of situation. Whilst it looks like a normal roller door, the Flex-A-Door actually slides up and along the ceiling, and needs minimal headroom!

If you would like, we can handle this for you. We can dispose of your old door for you, after your new door is installed. Discuss this with your technician when you get your estimate on your new door.

Same day or immediate service can be achieved where the situation requires.