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Safety Features of Modern Garage Doors and Automatic Openers

Safety Features of Modern Garage Doors and Automatic Openers

Modern Garage Doors and Openers have several built-in safety features that older style doors simply do not have, meaning they are safer then they ever have been before. If you are considering replacing your old garage door, optimising the security and safety of your home is a great reason to do so. There are also many safety accessories that can also be fit to the door after installation to increase the level of safety.

Modern Safety Design Features for your newer style garage door or opener.

Pinch Free Hinges: This modern design feature on newer sectional doors helps to protect little fingers from being caught between the hinges on your Door.

Safety Reversing Mechanism: A modern design feature on newer model garage door openers; If the door becomes obstructed upon opening/closing, by an object, a vehicle or a child, once a certain amount of resistance is detected, the motor will then instruct the door to then stop and reverse to limit impact.

Manual Release: If there is a power outage, and your door runs on an automatic opener, this release will allow you to manually disengage the opener so that you can still operate your door freely.

Rolling Code Remote Access: In older style remotes/openers, thieves would simply use a ‘code grabbing’ device that allowed them to copy the code to give them access later. These days, most modern openers generate a new and random code using the new rolling code technology (sometimes referred to as a hopping code). This means that copying the code that is generated from your opener is virtually impossible, as once a code has been used, it cannot be reused for unauthorised entry.


Modern ‘add-on’ Accessories

Infrared PE Safety Beams: This accessory works by infrared beam that automatically stops and reverses the door when the beam is ‘broken’, meaning the door will not come down on anything that is in the way.

Battery Backup System: An important accessory, should the power go out, it will allow the automatic system to continue operating regardless. This is a great accessory for anybody, but more so for frequent use doors that require around the clock access. Also available for Automatic Gates.

Remote Entry Keypad: Perfect for homes with multiple residents or visitors, this handy little keypad can help to avoid accidental lockouts or forgotten/lost remotes. You can secure this to an outside wall on your home, so that you and your family can operate the door by simply keying in a pin code. Multiple pin codes can be activated to suit your needs.

B&D Auto-Lock: Each time you close your garage door the Auto-Lock sends a heavy-duty bolt through the guard rail helping to prevent thieves from being able to force it up and open – all without the need for a key.


If you are looking to increase the security and safety of your home, call our office today to discuss your needs on (07) 4632 3433 or submit an online enquiry here.


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