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Top 5 reasons to replace your garage door

The top 5 reasons to consider replacing your garage door

Replacing your garage door can be a big decision. The garage door is often one of the most used entries in the building, so it makes sense to ensure that you have one that is working to its full potential. Here are the top reasons to consider replacing yours.

1. Lack of Security

This is an obvious one to us. Our priority for our home and family is their Safety and Security, and we will do what we can to protect them. Many older style garage doors do not have the same levels of security as their modern counterparts. This is because materials have changed and improved over time, and construction methods and security features have also evolved. It is very important that your garage door has the same level of security as the rest of your home as weak or damaged garage doors can be targeted by cunning thieves giving them easier access to your home. The new B&D Panelift Icon even has an Auto Lock, which upon closing automatically activates a ‘dead bolt’ type lock that, when in use, more then doubles the force required to open the door from a closed position.

2. Lack of Safety Features

Modern Garage Doors and Openers have several safety features the older style doors simply do not have. There are many optional safety accessories that can also be fitted to the door to increase the level of safety.

Pinch free Designs – helping to protect little fingers from being caught between the hinges;

Safety Reversing Mechanism – If the door becomes obstructed upon opening/closing, by an object, a vehicle or a child, once a certain amount of resistance Is detected, it will then stop and reverse to limit impact.

Infrared PE Safety Beams – When the invisible beam is broken, the door will automatically stop and reverse, avoiding potential impact.

Manual release – If there is a power outage, and your door uses an automatic opener, this feature will allow you to manually disengage the opener so that you can still operate your door freely.

Battery Back-up system – Allows the automatic system to continue operating, even in a power outage.

3. Appearance and Value

Curb appeal is extremely important when considering the value of your home. Research shows that the garage door generally accounts for about 30% of what others see from the front of your home. So that makes up 30% of the first impression… makes sense that the garage door can have an impact on your home’s value, right?

4. Constantly ‘breaking down’ and needing costly repairs

Sometimes in the big scheme of things, it will end up being cheaper to replace your door or opener, to avoid costly repairs. With older style doors or motors, it may cost you a few hundred dollars to repair a problem with no guarantee that something else won’t go wrong a month down the track. This can not only be costly, but inconvenient as well. These break downs always seem to happen at the worst time, and really affect the reliability that you should have in your door.

5. Noise Control.

You will be pleasantly surprised with how quiet and smooth a new garage door will be. The original style of openers used a chain drive to open and close the door. In most cases, having this replaced with a Belt drive or similar, will significantly reduce the noise. By keeping your new door regularly maintained and following your installers advice on servicing, will also make a dramatic difference in years to come.


Rather then waiting until your old door fails and no longer functions, consider looking into a replacement door today. With many benefits that come from a door replacement, you may find that it is one of the best decisions you can make regarding your homes appearance, comfort and safety.

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  1. Hello I have recently moved and the roller door is very noisy and I would like to book in a service or advice on the condition of the roller door pleased.

    Michelle Bowe

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